Bhairavnath Shikshan Mandal’s


(Formely known as Bhairavnath Vidnyan Mahavidyalaya)

( Art, Commerce and Science )

Khutbav, Tal- Daund, District- Pune. Pincode- 412203


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Students & Staff Welfare

Staff welfare committee

The mission of the Staff Welfare Committee is to actively listen, communicate and recognize staff needs based on a foundation of the University’s four core themes: faith, reason, service and community. The Committee ensures staff is deeply connected to the range of University issues contributing to the success of potarao kisanrao thorat College while supporting and enhancing the growth, welfare, and best interests of staff through productive leadership. The Committee does so by promoting active participation, open dialogue, and collaboration between staff, faculty and University leadership.

The Committee considers any subject concerning faculty welfare such as health care, housing, child care, compensation, and post-employment benefits. The committee focus can vary from year to year, though many issues are addressed on an annual or cyclical basis.

Committee member:

Sr. No.Name of the Committee MembersDesignation
1Dr. Avinash SangolekarChairman(principal)
2Asst. Prof. Satav Dipti Secretary
3Asst. Prof. Sodnawar M.S.Member
4Asst.Prof. Memane A.D.Member
5Asst.Prof. Dhumal V.D.Member
6Asst.Prof. Salunke R.J.Member
7Asst.Prof. Thorat N.M.Member

Staff welfare committee Day -Tuesday Date- 12/01/2021 Place -IQAC Room The director body of “Bhairavnath Vidnyan Mahavidhyalya, Khutbav” took important decision about paying salary of all teaching and non-teaching staff. The salary paid before November add 20% increment in before salary and new amount of paid scale was start from the November 2020.This decision is shared with all teaching and non-teaching staff on dated 12 January 2021 at 11:00 am in IQAC room, For this meeting Vice chairman -Dhamdhere Bhausaheb, Joint Secretory -Shree Suryakant Khaire, Director -Shree Arun Thorat, principal -Dr.Avinash Sangolekar and all teaching and non-teaching staft which is working in institute from 2018 is present. One more good news is given for those members which salary is not completed in round figure. It is converted into next number of round figure. For example before salary is 8000/ in it 20% increment it becomes 9400/, then it is converted into 10000/-. Our principal sir was not accepted increment because they are thinking about economic condition of Institute and also so many alerts and careful about all teaching and non-teaching staff. From the decision of principal sir it is proof that “Humanity till not die”, The increment given to the following members- Teaching staff members Non-teaching Staff members 1} Divekar Y.B. 1) Nilesh Thorat 2) Powale S.G. 2) Nilesh Dombale 3) Sutar A.D. 3) Rupall Jadhav 4) Sonavane A.P. 4) Sagar Jadhav 5) Satav D.N. 5) Ganesh Shinde 6) Bhise D.S. 7) Hole N.T. Our institute was faced to the permanent affiliation for Chemistry subject on dated 04 June 2019. After that also faced to the “NAAC PEER TEAM” on dated 21″ and 22n December 2019 and obtained “B” grade. For passing this two stages all staff members gives so much efforts for the institute and because of this reason institute was decided about increment but, Couse of Covid-19 it is postpone and finally declared on dated 12″ January 2021. After meeting Divekar Y.B gives special thanks for director body of college and Principal Sir also says the decision about increment is satisfactopiły.

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