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(Formely known as Bhairavnath Vidnyan Mahavidyalaya)

( Art, Commerce and Science )

Khutbav, Tal- Daund, District- Pune. Pincode- 412203


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A well-constructed timetable establishes a natural rhythm and routine which can be comforting for teachers and students. The Timetable Committee works with the objective of smooth and efficient management of the academic programs through the semesters. The time Table committee of  Popatrao Kisanrao Thorat College, Khutbav  recognizes the importance of time and ensures proper utilization for students which makes them organized and uses time effectively to maximize chance of success hence increasing productivity.


  • To ensure work load is equitably distributed among the members of the staff providing adequate time for preparation between the lectures.
  • Smooth and efficient management of academic programme through the semesters.
  • To allocate classes in Lecture halls, Seminar halls, Laboratory and Library without any overlapping.
  • To ensure that the time table is disseminated to all faculty members, concerned staffs and students


  • To prepare the class time table at the beginning of each semester with the active involvement of the committee members by collecting data on teaching load distribution of individual faculty members, assigning classrooms.
  • With the information gathered, prepare the class time tables in the prescribed format.
  • By referring to the class timetables, prepare the timetables of individual faculty members.
  • Communicate and widely publicize the class time tables to staff and students.
  • Make the class time tables available in the notice board for students’ reference and send a copy of timetable to all faculties.


  • Develop a well-distributed, internally consistent schedule that meets student needs.
  • Working collaboratively with other faculties to meet the timetabling requirements Receiving and processing requests from teaching staff for reasonable adjustments in relation to disabilities of staff or students.
  • Informing faculty timetabling staff when Teaching Activities have to be amended in the Published Timetable.
  • Providing specific timetable requirements to faculty timetabling staff for each course in a timely manner.
  • Notifying students of changes to the Published Timetable within the prescribed timeframes.

Frequency of Meetings:

Twice in a Semester

Committee members:

 Asst.Prof.  Akshta ThoratCo-ordinator
 Asst.Prof.  Memane A.DMember
 Asst. Prof.Ohal S.AMember
 Asst. Prof.Sodnawar M.SMember
 Ms. Kirti Badhe Student
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