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(Formely known as Bhairavnath Vidnyan Mahavidyalaya)

( Art, Commerce and Science )

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Women Cell (Vishakha)

1Dr. A.V. SangolekarPrincipalChairman9850613602
2Ms. Dipti SatavAssit. ProfessorSecretary72189140891
3Mr. Vikas DhumalAssit. ProfessorMember9503009000
4Ms. Arti SutarAsst. ProfessorMember9075114364
5Ms. Geeta JawaleStudentMember7447575383
6Mr. Rahul ShelarStudentMember7498060155

Our college has developed a vishakha committee as per the order of
supreme court ‘ Sexual Harassment at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act,
2013’ with the aim of promoting gender equality and women empowerment student and staff
members. Above 50% student in our college are girls. Under this cell, all grievances related to
girls and women are resolved and a free environment is kept for them to move around campus.


· To provide a neutral, confidential and supportive environment for members of the
campus community who may have been sexually harassed.
· To advice complainants of means of resolution as specified by the legislation.
· To ensure fair and timely resolution of sexual harassment complaints.
· To provide counseling and support services on campus.
· To ensure that students, faculty and staff are provided with current and comprehensive
materials on sexual harassment.
· To promote awareness about sexual harassment through educational initiatives that
encourages and fosters a respectful and safe campus environment.
The committee sought to inform the campus community of their right to a respectful work and
learning environment. It believes that if we practice respect, exercise empathy in our
interactions with others so that we do not hurt anyone through what we say or do, then we can
create a campus that is free of sexual harassment.

· Complaint Redressal: As per the act The Sexual Harassment at Workplace
(Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 appropriate action will be taken
once the complaint is filed.
· Dissemination of Information: through production, distribution and circulation of
materials, posters and handouts etc. to college campus.
· Awareness Workshops: for faculty, non-teaching staff and students with an aim to
develop nonthreatening and non-intimidating atmosphere of mutual learning.
· Counseling – Confidential counseling service is an important service as the sexual
harassment cases are rarely reported and are a sensitive issue. Counseling provides a safe
space to speak about the incident and how it has affected the aggrieved woman.
Who can file the Complaint to the Internal Complaint Committee?
Any student, service provider, teaching, non-teaching staff may lodge a complaint against a
student, service provider, teaching, non-teaching staff.

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