Bhairavnath Shikshan Mandal’s


(Formely known as Bhairavnath Vidnyan Mahavidyalaya)

( Art, Commerce and Science )

Khutbav, Tal- Daund, District- Pune. Pincode- 412203


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Cleaning, Hygine & Environmental Awareness Committee

PKTCK has developed a Cleaning and Hygiene Committee for the clean and hygiene college campus.cleanliness is often achieved through cleaning. This committee the main purpose of maintenance and prevention. The concept of cleanliness differs from purity which is a physical, moral or ritual state of freedom from pollutants. Cleanliness has a social dimension and direction or implies a system of interaction. Cleaning procedures are of the utmost importance in many forms of manufacturing. Cleanliness has played a role in established cultural values in relation to scial class, humanitarianism and cultural imperialism.


  • To well maintain college campus is well is not only conducive to productivity it also increase the likehood of attracting more students.
  • To important for the health and safety.
  • To cleanliness is incredibly important when it comes to cutting down on the spread of diseases in the college.
  • To protecting college infrastructure.

Committee Member:

Sr. NoName of the Committee MembersDesignation
1Dr.Avinash SangolekarChairman (principle)
2Ass.Prof.Priyanka Mahadev KurhadeSecretary (Dept.of Zoology)
3Ass.Prof. Aarti SutarMember (Dept.of Chemistry)
4Ass.Prof. Akshata ThoratMember (Dept.of Commerce)
5Ass.Prof. Akshay GoradMember (Dept.of Economics)
6Mr.Karan Balaji(Student)
7Ms.Kirti Badhe(Student)
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